• EDI Integration

    Innovative Integrated Solutions

    EDI integration can be the key to giving your organisation the capability to meet the trading requests of your customers, it provides a flexible platform that allows organisations big and small to respond positively and deliver outstanding customer service.

  • EDI Managed Services

    EDI Managed Services

    NetEDI's Managed Services takes responsibility for part or all of your B2B integration infrastructure and processes, enabling you to outsource the electronic exchange of business documents to your trading partners.

  • Security

    System Security

    Our service has never been breached and we have never lost any customer data. We invest heavily to protect your sensitive financial information against unauthorised access and system failures

Add Ons


NERule is an action that NeTIX performs automatically upon incoming or outgoing documents, based on conditions that you have specified.


NeASN is one of most intuitive, streamlined ASN solutions on the market today. Brings order visibility to all of the warehouses in your organisation.


The adapter enables businesses to exchange business information such as sales orders and invoices directly into and out of virtually any ERP system


An innovative foundation of strategic Analytics and KPI services to help a business take advantage of its data sources.

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