NetEDI are pleased to report that they are now fully compliant with the GS1 E-Invoicing and Digital Signature standards.

Fully Integrated into the NeTIX platform, the adapter securely transacts EDI EANCOM data over a network through the use of a digital signature with compliant trading partners.

The standard is becoming more popular as security becomes more of an issue and NetEDI are proud that they can maintain and uphold such standards within the industry.

*GS1 is committed to facilitate business relations between trading partners through the development of agreed standards for the identification of products and locations, and communications EDI). In the area of communication, the use of the EDI standard EANCOM® (fully compliant subset of UN/EDIFACT) has become the most popular tool for international electronic trade covering activities such as purchasing, transport and finance. Since EANCOM® deals with the trade of goods, safeguards must be provided to protect trading partner relations and most importantly, the data exchanged.

*Reference taken from GS1,

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