EDI Managed Service


NetEDI's Managed Services takes responsibility for part or all of your B2B integration infrastructure and processes, enabling you to outsource the electronic exchange of business documents to your trading partners, as well as the on boarding and on-going support of your trading partners.

By outsourcing your EDI legacy operations to NetEDI Managed Service you will reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by upto 40% and release valuable resource within your organisation.

B2B Integration is a fast-paced operation involving multiple people, departments and critical transactions. Businesses of all sizes are actively looking to streamline business processes with cost effective solutions. Partnering with NetEDI for an EDI Managed Service reduces cost, whilst increasing profitability through real-time, end-to-end visibility and control over the business processes you share with customers, suppliers and other outside partners.

Automate Business Transactions

  • NetEDI's Managed Service improves visibility of your supply chain with end to end monitoring of all exchanges and real-time notification of issues
  • No expensive upgrade path required if your company grows, service is truly scalable without incurring additional cost
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Usage based on monthly or annual subscription fee with little infrastructure investment and low TCO
  • On-Demand delivered over the web, completely transparent with continuously released upgrades
  • Reduce or eliminate cost of maintaining in-house operations
  • Connect with 100% of your external business community
  • Meet current and future trading partner requirements more easily
  • Leverage new functionality more quickly
  • Enjoy low total cost of ownership and accelerated ROI

All of the necessary components your company needs, tools, technology, platform and access to NetEDI’s expertise are all provided to your company, eliminating the need for company-owned hardware and software. Building your Business-to-Business relationships is no longer a constraint on time and resources, NetEDI's Managed Service will change the way you use EDI.