Value Added Network - Overview

In order to trade electronically with your partners you will require a platform that has the ability to communicate via the many different protocols in existence. The NEGrid network has this ability built in together with an open and agile framework designed to meet the needs of present and future demands. The NEGrid network is one of the most reliable and cost-effective networks in the market place today. See the NEGrid brochure for more details.

Connect and communicate with all your customers and trading partners through NEGrid - Connect with trading partners around the world on a single Network-as-a-Service platform, get real-time transaction visibility and eliminate those manual network processes. An On-Demand, Cloud Computing model for B2B/Network as a Service (NaaS) removes the limitations of IT budgets, IT Staffing, EDI expertise and EDI systems from the equation. It is a pay as you need model. It abstracts the system from the business and makes it a simple choice to connect, not an IT project.


  • Reduce Cost of Operations by automating trading partner relationships and removing manual processes
  • Comprehensive end-to-end visibility into every transaction
  • Network monitoring service and network availability status
  • Flexible pricing structure, so you can budget for as much of the service as you need


  • Reach any Trading Partner in the World – NEGrid network gives you seamless exposure to over 14,000 company's already connected to Loren Data Corporation. NEGrid network is the only global service platform that automates all those processes for enabling online exchange with your trading partners.
  • Meet current and future customer requirements - Can you support the next data format or communication protocol required by your customers? You may not be able to in-house, but NetEDI does. The NEGrid network is a cutting edge business platform that’s constantly updated to support a broad range of B2B formats, protocols and standards.
  • Our AS2 service enables you to trade with any partner that requires the use of AS2, without you having to invest in or manage your own AS2 solution.
  • On-Demand reporting - Access to a variety of network service reports regardless of geographical location
  • For resellers, gain valuable insight into transaction rates and our best pricing policy as we provide you with straight forward invoicing including recommendations for service pack changes for your mailboxes

Features NetEDI GXS IBM - Sterling
All support for UK Customers is based in the UK Yes No Yes
93% First Call Resolution Yes No No
Mailbox Storage fees No > 3 Days < 30 Days
Online Access to Data 1 Year 60 Days 30 Days
Re-Process Availability 1 Year 60 Days 30 Days
Online manual Download / Upload Facility Yes No No
Simple Pricing Yes No No
Average Migration 5 Days Yes No No
Online View of Migration, Real Time Yes No No
Notification for message arrival and failures Yes Yes - Charge No
Document API Capabilities Yes No No

On demand

You and your partners have a single web control panel to manage your transactions. NEGrid ensures increased reliability backed by Loren Data Corporations own network infrastructure that provide 99.997% availability. NEGrid supports you with a range of data formats as well as connectivity and security options. They include:

  • Data Formats: EDIFACT, Tradacom, XML, X12, EDIINT or Any Format
  • Connectivity: Internet, Dial Up, SOAP and AS2
  • Transport: HTTP/S, FTP and SMTP
  • Security: SSL, S/MIME and VPN

Here at NetEDI, we are committed to delivering a world class service to our customers. So you can count on the NEGrid network to satisfy your business requirements - Whether you are new to EDI or are already an established business searching for an alternative provider with the latest On-Demand platform.