The NeSERVER product is a Windows Service that can be installed on Windows Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Usually NeSERVER is installed on a Server operating system and has been designed to work best in this environment.

NeSERVER allows the configuration of multiple mailboxes on one single system. It uses threading technology to be able to send and receive data with NeGRID via multiple mailboxes at the same time. It has been designed to run in the background as a service and is aimed at EDI company's who host EDI services on behalf of their customers. It allows EDI files to be placed in local folders and for NeSERVER to handle the sending and receiving of data via NeGRID.

NeSERVER allows EDI service providers to get up and running very quickly with NeGRID - no need to develop your own communication routines. It also provides an efficient way of transferring data with NeGRID in a hosting environment, removing the need to have multiple systems communicating with NeGRID for each client.


  • Multi-threaded technology for the ultimate experience
  • Enabling the transport of EDI and non EDI data over the Internet in a secure manner.
  • Real time communications solution maximising benefits to service providers looking to enable trading communities
  • Automated client transfer tool that allows scheduling of automate file transmission and retrievals