NeTIX Starter

EDI / B2B Document turnaround

NeTIX Starter is a web-based, easy to use solution designed to meet the requirements of small businesses seeking to gain EDI benefits and functionality of larger company's without the investment.

This service enables small to medium sized businesses to receive, turn-around, create and manage business transactions using any web browser.

With no software to install and the gentlest of learning curves, you’ll be exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners in a matter of hours, Starter edition is perfect for suppliers who have recently secured their first major contract with any high street retailer or low volume users who require a cost effective solution to trade straight away. No installation procedures, no operating system conflicts – just a maintenance free, user friendly, accessible from anywhere web application that places no limits on the number of users, EDI trading partners or documents exchanged.

No upfront cost or hardware requirements; Starter is an ideal solution for new start-up company's or low volume suppliers who need entry into EDI / B2B. Starter enables these company's to turn around any document to satisfy any trading partner requirements and complement their business rules.

Make it easy for yourself with NeTIX Starter

Organisations have always been challenged when trying to integrate 100% of their trading community. Starter SaaS based framework built for next generation user experience enables the automation of electronic documents with any trading partners.

Starter is the turn-key solution for company's who are not interested in setting up an in-house EDI operation, with the trained staff that would normally be required. Starter becomes a proxy which communicates with the trading partners on your behalf. Using a friendly web interface, EDI transactions can be received, edited and sent as easily as an e-mail. Starter receives EDI data from your trading partner, and converts it into a friendly display for your review. Sending data to your partner is as simple as filling out a form, and clicking send. Starter seamlessly transforms your data into EDI and transmits it to your partner.


  • Includes unlimited trading partners and documents
  • Data-entry errors are reduced by setting default values, using drop-down lists, and automatic form calculations
  • Reduce errors formerly submitted via paper through cross referencing and data look-ups
  • SaaS solution that reduces costs and complexity. Only a PC, web browser and an internet connection required
  • No EDI software, No previous knowledge of EDI, XML or standards required. Once you have signed up, the service is available straight away


  • Easy to use, web-based interface
  • Streamlines data-entry by pre-populating outbound forms using data from the inbound form (i.e. Invoices can be pre-populated with data from the associated Sales Order). This is known as a "Turnaround".
  • All transaction types are supported, including those based on Tradacom, EDIFACT, X12 and XML
  • Multi Lingual, available in a variety of languages
  • Transaction forms are tailored to the requirements of your partners so you never need to enter more data than is actually required
  • Add-ons available, enable barcode labelling options to satisfy your customer requirements
  • Multi User

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the multi-user aspect work

Starter is a web based service allowing multiple users access to the solution at any time. All that is required is an internet connection and a web browser. Extra users can be enabled as and when required, user's privileges can also be defined with specific functions and views.

Do I need separate login and password or can we work from one?

Only one user can be logged in using the same credentials; however multiple users can login at any time.

Do I get a notification of a new order?

Yes, users receive PDF copies along with notification details like Buyer, Order reference, date the order was placed and a link to the Order.

What happens if I’m given a new delivery location?

The NeTIX platform is a central service, meaning that delivery locations are added by the NetEDI community and are often already added by another user. However if you are required to create a new delivery location you can easily add from within the administration section of the service.

What happens if I want to make a price change for one of our products?

Simply click Product under the menu section and type in your product code and update the price.

Can I check if my customer has received their Invoice?

Yes, simply search for the document, click the batch icon which will provide network details of the batch and the delivery status and time the invoice was sent.

How do I process an ASN?

Select the Order requiring delivery, process into a shipping note and enter the mandatory requirements of the Advanced Shipping Note.

I only need to do Invoices, what do I do?

Click create new document and the wizard will guide you through a couple of steps for creating the invoice. The form will appear where you will be required to enter the correct information required by your trading partner.