NeTIX Ultimate

E-Commerce for the larger enterprise

NeTIX Ultimate is an enterprise B2B solution fully hosted and managed by NetEDI. Designed with performance and reliability in mind, Ultimate allows the larger business to support multiple processes enabling the exchange of large volumes of documents.

Ultimate meet’s the everyday e-commerce requirements, integrating business processes, exchanging documents, whilst automating and streamlining trading partner relationships. The platform has been built using a high-level architectural design that is capable of supporting tomorrow’s challenges as well as today's.

Platform as a Service

In common with the NetEDI paradigm, NeTIX Ultimate is built on the ‘Platform as a Service’ model. All of the necessary components that an Enterprise requires are catered for – High performance hardware, failover cluster, backup services, high-availability. The complete platform is provided that eliminates the need for company-owned hardware and software. Building your Business-to-Business relationships is no longer a constraint on time and resources, Ultimate will support and future-proof your B2B needs.

Scalability is a key consideration when meeting the requirements of the larger Enterprise. NeTIX Ultimate has been designed for high levels of performance capable of handling ever increasing volumes of transactions in a modern e-commerce environment.


Ultimate is capable of providing connectivity to various external B2B and ERP applications that allow company's to deploy scalable trading platforms anywhere in the world.

The NeTIX platform can support all of the communication methods used in a modern e-commerce environment including via EDI VAN, FTP or FTPs, SFTP, AS2, HTTP, HTTPS, OFTP.

Hosted Translation Service

The NeTIX Ultimate hosted translation service reliably meets the high volume, throughput and performance requirements of processing large volumes of data regardless of the message type. All of the standard business documents are supported to help provide seamless integration with your internal systems.

Various File formats can be handled by the powerful NeTIX translator. The versatile NeTIX adapters are able to handle virtually any structured file format including the native format of your ERP, Accounting system or In-house System.

Analytics and KPI – Key Performance Indicators

A series of additional features complement the approach to aiding a business with all the modern tools necessary in today’s Enterprise environment.

NeTIX Ultimate provides an innovative foundation of strategic Analytics and KPI services to help a business take advantage of its data sources in providing the support needed to manage change and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Expert Assistance

In addition to a hosted infrastructure, your company also has access to a trained team of experts that are focused on your needs to provide you with an excellent response and deal with any of your customer’s needs. We can assist in a whole variety of matters. Should any problems arise with your partners, there will be someone on hand for helping to quickly and effectively address these issues