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From the Top interview with Marc Nelson

NetEDI focuses on providing innovative services in order to simplify the integration needs of small and medium-sized business. We provide EDI, B2B integration and VAN Services and like to think we offer a refreshing alternative which aims to give the user a more intuitive experience and greater control.

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GXS Takeover Inovis

After a long investigation in America by the Department of Justice the take-over of Inovis by GXS has been approved. Over the years users of EDI networks have moved from GXS over to Inovis in search of a better service and more reliable network platform. With the take-over comes the immediate thought of what is going to happen with each providers services. Uncertainty surrounds this area at the moment and there could well be the closure of InvoisWorks and a migration of all users onto GXS Trading Grid platform.

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NetEDI Brings Big Time Mojo to ECGridOS API

It's official NetEDI Ltd of the British Isles, has laboured to bring one of the most sophisticated EDI network management applications to the platform. This dynamic team has not only created the means for managing users, access, mailboxes, interconnects, reports, and more - but has also laid the groundwork for creating entire EDI networks, managing these autonomous groups, granting user self-service Network Operations, and wow, so much more.

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