Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Applications

Increase supply chain visibility

NetEDI's service applications is a suite of Software as a Service products which improves visibility and collaboration between you and your customers.

The NetEDI platform is offered as software-as-a- service which means up-front investment and therefore, risk, is minimised and implementation times are significantly shortened than with traditional on-premise software deployments. This model also enables genuine business process collaboration. See Table 1 below On-Premise vs. On-Demand.

On-Premise VS. On-Demand

Earlier Now
Software Delivery Model
  • Installed Applications
  • Requires in-house expertise and maintenance
  • On-Demand delivered over the web
  • Managed by service provider
Release Cycle
  • Patches, bug fixes and multiple versions
  • Completely transparent with continuously released upgrades
  • Client-Server/ Legacy or limited browser access
  • Non-Standard API’s and protocols
  • Services Orientated Architecture (SOA) with every functionality over the web
  • Standardised
  • Pay in advance with high capital expenditure and high total cost of ownership (TCO) regardless of whether the software is ultimately used or not
  • Usage based on monthly or annual subscription fee with little infrastructure investment and low TCO