SAP R/3 Business Suite Integration

Cloud Integration for SAP R/3

Organisations often seek to fully harness the power of SAP R/3 applications through integration with other systems, creating end-to-end business processes across applications. NetEDI offers a simplified approach to integrating SAP solutions with other systems in the enterprise by allowing customers to deliver integration faster and more easily. We have extensive expertise in SAP integration, and a deep understanding of iDoc segments and file formats

Synchronize data and automate business processes between SAP and your trading community. We provide a prebuilt integration with your existing SAP. By leveraging the NeTIX platform for use with SAP, you can connect to the leading web-based EDI platform and seamlessly integrate important order and invoice information from trading partners while eliminating costly keying errors.

Our Managed EDI Service integrates directly into your company’s SAP application, creating a plug and play connection to your trading community. Our solution enables suppliers using SAP to exchange sales orders, advance ship notices, invoices, warehouse shipments and other required documents with trading partners all over the globe.

Using NeTIX Platform you can quickly create connectivity to SAP R/3 Business Suite. This next generation platform provides a complete set of products to help businesses overcome the challenge of integrating SaaS and on-premise systems in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Integration, configuration and support for the following IDOC transactions:

Document Direction IDOC Type
Purchase Order Inbound ORDERS
Purchase Order Outbound ORDERS
Invoice Inbound INVOIC
Invoice Outbound INVOIC
Shipment Notice Inbound DELVRY
Shipment Notice Outbound DELVRY

With an underlying platform that contains a single development environment and a reliable multi-tenant architecture, you can quickly and efficiently build integrations to SAP R/3 that are proven to scale over time.