Switching to NetEDI

The NetEDI Migration Team

The migration team is a dedicated team of project co-ordinators who make it easy to switch your current service over to NetEDI. The team handles all aspects of dashboard access, including migration setup, testing and customer migration. You can also view the migration online with real time status of each trading relationship.

Reasons to switch to NetEDI

Switching from GXS, Leadtec, Nortec, CovalentWorks
Our migration team will talk to your trading partners so you don't have to.
Between 2-4 weeks after you place your order, your connection will switch on the agreed date from your current provider to NetEDI.
No loss of service during migration.
Documented migration process and standard methodology, with online access to view migration status.

Customer Support

NeGRID network consistently delivers high customer satisfaction, and for good reason - it eliminates hidden fees, so customers pay simple kilo-character pricing and nothing more.

  • 93% first call resolution
  • Over 90% of customers rate service as exceptional or extremely satisfied
  • Personal touch, primary point of contact provided one to one communication and updates.

Lower Overall Prices

By making EDI connections more secure and cost-effective, NeGRID is the ideal replacement for less automated file sharing methods.

  • Simple, predictable pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • One annual charge
  • Guaranteed savings

Why Switch?

Value-Added-Networks have been helping company's exchange with their supply chain for decades. However more and more company's are experiencing issues that impact their trading community, including:

  • Unsatisfactory customer service and slow problem resolution
  • An unreliable network with too much downtime
  • Legacy, inflexible platform and technology
  • Time delays with on-boarding new trading partners
  • No visibility and time consuming tracking of exceptions
  • Confusing bill structure with unexpected charges

That’s why you want to be sure you are using the VAN that is the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective. There are several key areas and criteria that businesses consider when selecting a new technology partner.

  • Customer support and responsiveness
  • Vendor technical support and capabilities
  • Ease of migration
  • Lower overall price with no confusion on usage.